KenSoft Privacy Policy

Thank you for your interest in KenSoft products and services.

This privacy policy governs your use of KenSoft products and services and all other software, features, tools, add-ons and websites, offered by KenSoft (the "Products and Services").

KenSoft business model and privacy philosophy

KenSoft provides a variety of products and services. Some of our products are free, supported by unobtrusive advertisements within KenSoft's web sites and program windows. We also offer paid products and services.

We have designed KDM according to the standard "ad-supported" business model. Users can choose to receive KDM free of charge, and be exposed to standard conventional advertising (e.g. banners within the application window, just like AIM(tm), Opera browser(tm), MSN Messenger(tm) and most websites). Or users can buy a paid version, with additional features and no advertising. Either way, our users can enjoy a product, service and technology that took a lot of hard work and money to create.

We're wary of other kinds of advertising-supported software, like 'adware' found elsewhere, but we'll never track what sites you visit, nor will we bombard you with adware-type pop-up ads.

No matter which products or services you choose, free and/or paid, your privacy is important to us. We have chosen to undertake strict safeguards to protect user privacy, and we strive to meet and exceed industry standards. We welcome any comments and suggestions for improvement: [email protected].

This privacy policy governs your use of KenSoft various Products and Services.

This privacy policy explains the practices that apply to the information that you provide or that may be generated by your use of KenSoft Products and Services.

Submission and Collection of information

When you register and/or use KenSoft's Products and Services, you may choose to provide Personally Identifiable Information about yourself. Your Personally Identifiable Information may include registration-related information (such as name, addresses, e-mail addresses, birth date or gender), along with the details of the Products and/or Services; and transaction-related information (such as credit card or other means of payment, a history of Products and Services purchased through KenSoft, your billing and shipping information, or customer service information about you as a KenSoft user or subscriber) hereunder Transaction-Related Information.

You may submit Personally Identifiable Information either through forms which you have to fill in (such as the Registration form presented to you during the product installation), or through forms that are automatically filled-in by the products or services, which you can further correct, modify or delete before you choose to submit. Personally Identifiable Information does not include information that is collected anonymously (i.e., without identification of the individual user) or demographic information not connected to an identified individual.

In addition, Non-Personally Identifiable Information may be provided by you or may be generated by your mere use of KenSoft Products and Service. Non-Personally Identifiable Information may include the use of a particular feature or offering on KenSoft Products and/or Services, the files that were downloaded or the source server from which files were downloaded, searches conducted with the Products and Services, visits to KenSoft Web sites and pages, and responses to the offerings and advertisements presented on KenSoft Products and/or Services and/or web sites and pages and/or email communication.

Your Non-Personally Identifiable Information may also include standard internet communications automatically sent by your computer. This information may include: the type of browser, the type of operating system; Internet protocol addresses (including any host name or geographic information associated with these addresses); and information related to your computer system configuration.

We are especially careful about the privacy of your Usernames and Passwords. We consider this information highly sensitive, and we treat it with the appropriate care. If your requests to KenSoft servers or your file downloads include Usernames and Passwords, we will always consider this information as Personally Identifiable Information. This information will be subject to the strict practices and protections which we offer to users’ Personally Identifiable Information.

In some cases, if you decide not to provide certain information or if you delete certain automatically filled-in information from certain KenSoft forms (e.g. email address), you may not be able to complete the applicable process.

You need to be aware that search related services provided by KenSoft (e.g., KenSoft search page, search box, suggested search terms, etc.) made available on our websites and applications are powered and provided by third parties with whom we have entered into agreements for making such services and features available to you. When using such search services and search related features, certain information typically shared with operators of search engines e.g. Google, Bing, such as the search term, IP address, will be provided to said third party service providers and used by them in accordance with their policies to provide the service to you.

How is the information being used?

The information is used to operate and improve the features, offerings and content presented to you by KenSoft; to streamline the use of KenSoft Products and Services on your computer, to personalize the content and advertisements provided to you; to fulfill your requests for products, programs, and services; to communicate with you and respond to your inquiries; to conduct research about your use of the Products, Services and/or web sites, offerings and advertisements presented on KenSoft Products, Services, email communication, web sites and pages; and to help offer you other products, programs, or services that may be of interest.

While using the Products and Services, users may receive in-context services, advertisement and offers (in the form of banners or textual references such as Google's AdSense(tm) ads on a web site) (hereafter: In Context References), to be presented within the product interface. These In Context References are selected based on non-personally identifiable information such as: which files were downloaded, the source server from which files were downloaded, a user’s geographical location, and a user’s operating system or browser type. Such In Context References, if presented, will always be offered and selected anonymously - without personally identifying specific users.

Your Personally Identifiable Information will not be shared with third parties unless you have consented to the sharing of this information. KenSoft may use your information to present offers to you on behalf of business partners and advertisers. These business partners and advertisers may receive aggregate data about various groups of KenSoft users, but they do not receive information that personally identifies you.

Your information may be accessed and disclosed if required by legal procedures.

In Context References

KenSoft does not gather or track any personal information of the users who view or response to In Context References, and KenSoft does not provide such information to advertisers when you interact with or view In Context References. However, by interacting with, viewing or clicking an In Context Reference, you are onsenting to the possibility that the advertiser will make the assumption that you, as an anonymous user, meet the targeting criteria used to display the ad. For example, if an advertiser targets its ad at the keyword "ICQ", the advertiser may reasonably deduce that a user downloaded a file named 'icq.exe' (or similar) and/or downloaded a file from the site

Transaction-Related Information

Transaction-Related Information submitted during the purchase or the trial order of paid Products or paid Services is collected either by KenSoft or by its payment processing partners. Except as necessary for the purpose of routine processing of payments, KenSoft does not share credit history or Transaction-Related Information with other companies or third parties, unless compelled by law or court order to do so.

E-mail addresses and unsubscribing

Please note that during the installation / registration of the Products and Services you may be requested to provide a valid email address in order to enable the respective process, to enable KenSoft team to provide you with email support and in order to allow KenSoft to contact you, from time to time, via email communication, with news and updates about products and services (such as: new releases, new features, special offers).

If you wish, at any time, to remove your email address from any of KenSoft's mailing lists, , you may unsubscribe by an email to: [email protected]. For your convenience, email communication from KenSoft contains instructions regarding how to unsubscribe from KenSoft email mailing lists.

Do we know who downloads a specific file??

The architecture of KenSoft Products and Services was built to provide our users with a rich user xperience and functionality while protecting our users’ privacy. As a result the files you choose to download using KDM, are your own private matter. We do not collect information about which files a certain user is downloading or who downloads a specific file.

Furthermore, in order to provide our users with additional services and information that may relate to specific files, the architecture of KenSoft Products and Services enables KenSoft to provide users with such information, while preserving users’ anonymity.


KenSoft may use Cookies or Similar Technologies to enhance and personalize your experience on the Products, Services and on KenSoft's web sites, including to operate and improve offerings through the Products, Services and/or web sites; to help authenticate your identity when you visit and transact with the Products, Services and/or web sites; to remember your preferences and registration information; enable a shopping cart; to present and help measure and research the effectiveness of the various offerings, advertisements, and e-mail communications; and to customize the content and advertisements provided to you.

Additionally, KenSoft or its advertisers may use third party ad servers to help present advertisements online in connection with the Products, /Services and/or web sites. These third party ad servers may use cookies or similar technologies to help present such advertisements, and to help measure and research the advertisements' effectiveness. The use of these technologies by these third party ad servers is subject to their own privacy policies, not KenSoft's.

KenSoft does not require that you accept cookies, and you may disable cookies at any time. However, some functionality of our Products, Services and/or web sites may be impaired if you decline to accept cookies.

Communication with KenSoft

KenSoft does not want to receive any confidential, secret or proprietary information and material from you through KenSoft's web sites, e-mail addresses, KenSoft Products and Services or in any other way. Any information or material submitted or sent to KenSoft, will be deemed not to be confidential or secret. By submitting or sending documents, information or other material ("Material") to KenSoft you (1) warrant that you have no rights of any kind to the Material; that to the best of your knowledge no other party has any rights to the Material; (2) grant KenSoft an unrestricted, irrevocable license to use, reproduce, display, perform, modify, transmit and distribute the Material, and you further agree that KenSoft is free to use any ideas, know-how, concepts or techniques you send us for any purpose.

Special terms applicable to some of KenSoft's services

KenSoft offers several services which may be accessed through the Products and Services. Such services require that you will open a personal account (either free or paid for) in order to allocate resources (bandwidth and/or storage space) for you to allow the hosting of files that are downloaded or uploaded through such services.

Please note that on such services the hosted files are managed in conjunction to your personal account based on the available resources you are still entitled to use.

Special Note for Parents

KenSoft Products and Services are intended for a general audience, and children under the age of thirteen (13) are not permitted to register with KenSoft Products and Services.

No Evil, No Spyware, No Threat

KenSoft is committed to its users' and highly regards their privacy. KenSoft pledges to you that it does NOT contain any spyware/adware or any other type of threat.

The Products and Services overall operation and advertising conduct has been examined, reviewed and trusted by the leading vendors, among them: Symantec Norton AntivirusTM, AdawareTM, Computer AssociatesTM, Spyware DoctorTM, WebrootTM, McAfeeTM, VirusScanTM and more.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We may occasionally update this Privacy Statement to reflect changes in our products, services, web sites and customer feedback.

We encourage you to periodically review this Privacy Policy and other legal documents of KenSoft, to be informed of the privacy practices and terms of use of our products, services and web sites (the "Legal Terms"), including those of third parties.

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